About Cali

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has

the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

André Gide



Her name is Cali. She is a picky reader. Expect to discover amazing unpopular books because that’s what she loves best: the gem among the rocks.

She also reads the popular ones and bet she’s not biased. She doesn’t care if it is John green, Stephen king or any other popular authors. If it is poorly written—no point of sugar coating—it will not amuse her.

She also writes reviews about movies, documentaries, tv shows/series, music, products—anything. She also loves to write opinion pieces about feminism, equality and other current events.

She also loves to travel a lot.

Oh and how much she misses it.

If you are interested in her gem hunting escapade, she is very thankful.

If not….. please still stay and check her blogs.

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